Canon PIXMA MG2920 Wireless Inkjet All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner


If you’re like me you are in the market for a affordable printer because the cost of replacing the ink on your old printer is not economical. Having to spend half the ink trying to “clean and allign” only to still have poor results just isn’t worth the money. That being said I wasn’t looking to drop hundreds for something that is going to rack up more excessive ink costs only to be worn out in two years. I didn’t need anything too fancy. I am an avid Couponer with children if that helps you understand the demand I put on a printer.

Un-boxing and setup was a breeze. Setting up the cloud printing feature was painless and VERY useful. The colors from a color copy were slightly muted but very crisp and sharp. I like the small profile and lightweight design.

Overall the build quality and design live up to expectations of the Canon brand. The print quality it’s excellent and fast. The value of the price point is unbeatable. Add the extended warranty for a few bucks and it will definitely meet and exceed your home printing needs.

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  1. Impeccable quality. Very impressive!

  2. Very good performance so far. I’ll post a follow up later.

  3. Best one on the market. I bought one at a direct gallery. Got a good deal and it works well.


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