Legendaire Mattress Reviews

Legendaire Mattress reviews

We have been doing a deep dive into the new Legendaire Mattresses recently. It started when we took a trip to the Vegas Furniture Market to review some new bedding products. We were almost done with our trip and saw the Legendaire showroom towards the end. From the moment we stepped in we were absolutely blown away by the Legendaire Hotel & Resort Collection. Aesthetically they were some of the best tailored mattresses we had seen all week and then we laid down. Legendaire has been working on a host of proprietary material lately to offer a truly unique feel like no other mattress. Well, they have achieved that in spades. We were all surprised about how they could make the mattress feel soft, luxurious, and maintain the durability and commercial grade design they are known for. They have added several new mattress to the Legendaire Brand including:

  • Aspen Park Plush
  • Cotton Sail Pillowtop
  • Breckenridge Firm
  • Oasis Aloe Vera
  • Grand Meridian
  • Grand Astoria
  • Carmel Cashmere
  • Emerick Firm
  • Grand Luxe
  • Grand Duvet
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Emerald Bay
  • By Legendaire Hotel & Resort Collection

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  1. Hypstir Subscriber

    Finally a mattress my husband and I both love. We have been though memory foam and sleep number and never really found one we could both enjoy. My husband suggested we try something different so we went mattress shopping and came across the Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress. I thought it was going to be too soft for him but he loves it. Great support for the back with plenty of cushion for me. We highly recommend the Legendaire Resort & Hotel Collection mattresses.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    I can’t remember the last time I slept as good as I have on our new Legendaire Aspen Park Plush mattress. I’ve been waking up a little before my alarm ready to get up and start the day. I’m used to hitting snooze multiple times just to drag myself out of bed. I highly recommend buying a Legendaire Hotel mattress. Worth the investment.

  3. I’m glad we found out about Legendaire mattresses. We have had a lot of the name brands and nothing ever really blew us away as far as quality and comfort are concerned. We knew right away when we tried out the Grand resort series by Legendaire that it was something special. The salesman then explained that Legendaire combines the best in commercial grade manufacturing and advanced technology to give a unique comfort for long lasting support in luxury resorts and hotels. Makes since. This mattress feels like a presidential suite every night.

  4. My new Legendaire mattress is by far the most luxurious bed I have ever owned. There is such a big difference in a good quality mattress as compared to a traditional one. I wish I would have known about this brand years ago.

  5. We loves ours. So soft and luxurious. Legendaire Resort mattresses are the way to go. 🙂

  6. This is the best mattress ever! We have been sleeping great since we bought our Legendaire mattress. Totally worth the money.

  7. Hypstir Subscriber

    I love my Legendaire Grand Millennium mattress! I have had it for 2 months and still can’t believe how comfortable it is.I wanted to wait until I had spent a decent amount of time on it before writing a review and I think 2 months is a fair assessment period. 1st of all this mattress is so much cooler than my last one. I use to wake up sweating all of the time. This mattress has organic New Zealand wool a cool gel which has made a huge difference. I don’t sleep hot anymore. Also the support from the wrapped individual coils has helped my lower back pain tremendously. I would give this mattress five stars all day long.

  8. Hypstir Subcriber

    OMG! Just slept our first night on the new mattress and it was amazing. We bought a Legendaire luxury hybrid mattress with organic cotton, cashmere wool, and latex foam. This is easily the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on and quite possibly the most luxurious item we have ever owned. You have to check these beds out!


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