Legendaire Knight’s Armour Mattress Protector

Legendaire Mattress Protector

The geniuses at Legendaire have done it again.  They have rolled out a brand new line of accessories that include pillows and various bedding products.  I will be highlighting all the different items over the next couple weeks.  The first I want to talk about is the mattress protector.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a mattress that is stained not on the top but on the side.  Most protectors on the market only protect the top only so it is easy for your mattress to be stained on the side.  Side stains will void the warranty just like a stain on the top will.  The Legendaire Knight’s Armour Protector guards the top and sides.  It is also made with a breathable material that is so thin you will forget that it is even on there.

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